Reworking Vintage

November 5th, 2014

I have just finished a couple of very fun projects.  In looking over a few vintage 1980′s pieces in my collection, I decided to take this:

rosefront and fashion it into something very doll like and cute.

and also decided to take this skirt frontskirt and the matching blouse (both handmade) and combine them to create another dolly like look.

For the dress, I decided to detach the bodice  from the skirt first to get some clarity on where to go with it.  After mulling it over a while I decided to take out the waist yoke altogether and make a skirt that would be gathered to a much smaller waist.  The bodice (which was full and rather blousy), I decided to make fitted (adding darts front and back to accomplish this).  I topped it off with a collar made from left over skirt fabric and applied a tiny pink striped bow.  The result was rather pleasing:



I thought about keeping this one as it fits me rather well.  After giving it some thought decided to offer it for sale in my ETSY shop here:

I really do get a kick when people like something I make!

The second project also had a rather pleasing result.  I decided to take length out of the skirt from the top so as not to destroy the gorgeous hand done quilt work (this really would have been a crime!).  The matching shirt I shortened.  I then gathered the skirt to the matching shirt after reworking the skirt so that it worked as the bottom half of a shirt dress. The dress closes in the front with the lovely floral rose buttons with which the shirt already came adorned. I made a cute muslin tie bow for the collar.  I really just love the result here.  It is more like a mini dress and coupled with the muslin bow is just super adorable to me!



This piece is also for sale on ETSY:

All in all a lot of fun and both projects worked out quite well!

Welcome to Belle Antique!

September 17th, 2013

First post of many!  Check for vintage and antique dressing tips and much more!